Robert Byrnes has been providing bodywork in a professional setting since 1994, and integrates several modalities for a unique treatment that is individualized to each client’s needs. He provides therapeutic treatments by appointment in his Sausalito, California office. Call 415-360-4389.



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I just want to thank you again for taking the time to work me in. It could have been so easy to call it a day and never materialize the appointment. You are incredibly talented and I cannot remember anyone in your field ever putting so much of their own energy into their efforts. I felt so much better today than I would have it is remarkable. Thank you seems rather inadequate but thank you all the same. Have a great day! (I will!!)
       Cathy B., Mother of a special needs child, Roebuck, SC

Wowza……great, great experience. I’m very picky when it comes to massage. I used to be a therapist and I’ve had a lot of massages. Robert was my therapist and this guy knows what he is doing. The table was comfortable, the lighting was great, the music (Wah!) was relaxing, not too low and not too high. He talked to me about what areas I wanted him to focus on and he listened! That’s a big one for me.
       Lori B., Yelp Reviewer, Paradise Valley, AZ

As a Flight Attendant for fourteen years, I have traveled all over the world and I’ve received bodywork on all continents. Robert’s work is the best I’ve experienced anywhere.
       Ann S., Flight Attendant, Phoenix, AZ

Hi Robert, Thanks for putting in the extra efforts on my shoulders. I think it’s paying off. My shoulders last night and this morning feel like they have a great sense of relief from tension or pull – especially on right. I can lift my right arm without any pain on top of the shoulder which I normally live with.
       Lynn B., Computer Programmer, Phoenix, AZ

What I enjoy about Robert’s work is his creativity, his sensitivity to a client’s needs and the deep resources that he draws upon skillfully to take his client to a place of integration and balance. I can, without hesitation, recommend his work to anyone.
       Geoff B., Buddhist Monk, Tempe, AZ

I’ve seen Robert Byrnes for massage therapy over two years now and have found him to be the best in the business. Prior to Robert, I went to several other massage therapists but none seemed to have the same level of ability or skills that Robert did.
       Larry S., Office Manager, Tempe, AZ

Robert always puts 100% into every massage. I’ve never left a massage without feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated. I would highly recommend Robert Byrnes to anyone seeking a truly professional massage.
       Larry S., Office Manager, Tempe, AZ

At first I was nervous about being worked on by a man – but Robert is very professional, and he put me at ease. He is also very skilled and used some techniques that where new to me and very effective by loosening my tight muscles and getting at areas I didn’t know where tight.
       Lisa Y., Computer Operator, Scottsdale, AZ

Can’t believe I keep forgetting to tell you this! The problem I’ve had with my hip for about a year is gone. It has been since my visit with you and the work you did on me. It started to get gradually better and better until the past three or more months it has been fine. You’re wondering how I could not let you know that I’m sure. Pain gone is seldom noticed I guess. With gratitude!!!
       Jane D., Retired, Allendale, NJ

Robert, I’m back from my marathon rehearsal and concert day. It was great! I had only one slight twinge in my shoulder all day. And it was a workout. The music was glorious (though devilishly difficult rhythmically). Thanks for your work — it made this possible. I do hope to work you into my budget — though perhaps not at the level of the 4 massages in the past few weeks!
       Debbie E., Symphonic Double Bassist, Phoenix, AZ

Mr. Byrnes’ variety of techniques on my restricted tissues and muscles in my neck has given me relief. I would strongly recommend Mr. Byrnes to anyone who suffers from chronic pain and/or mild pain.
       Denise S., Police Officer, Chandler, AZ

Robert has helped us both with massage therapy and Myopractics. Between my injury of a ruptured disc between C5 and C6 and the stress on the job, and John with his MS and trauma from his accident, Robert has brought us both much relief.
       John & Judy W., Realtors, Chandler, AZ

Mr. Byrnes’ excellent preparation enables him to apply the proper manipulations and/or massage to each condition or conditions his clients might present.
       Maria V., Retired Nurse, Scottsdale, AZ

I have been helped in numerous ways from Robert’s caring, expert skill and gentle touch.
       Kevin B., Handyman, Phoenix, AZ

If Robert had not had the knowledge and ability to describe my problem I would probably be at a pain level now of about 7. In addition to being an excellent massage therapist, he also has great intuitive ability to correctly assess anatomical problems.
       Arlene C., Retired Professor, Gilbert, AZ

He is the best and the deepest!
       Ayla G., Rabbi, Scottsdale, AZ

That was one of the best massages I have ever had!
       Many, many people from everywhere.




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Robert Byrnes, CMT
3030 Bridgeway, Suite 132
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CA Massage Therapy Council Certification: 67909

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